Reassembled, LeBron hits a new rant and makes the buzz!

After condemning the acts deemed anti-Semitic by Kyrie Irving, LeBron James had recently decided to backtrack, taking the side of his former teammate. This file, settled since, has however been reopened in a sensational way by the King!

A priori, there was no indication that he was going to be chafouin at a press conference this Wednesday. Great architect of the victory of the Lakers against the Blazers, LeBron James has undoubtedly delivered its best game of the season in recent hours. However, after reacting to his 31 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists, the leader angelino used a much more serious and annoyed tone with journalists.

In the midst of the Jerry Jones scandal, LeBron evokes the Kyrie case

criticized for having publicly supporting Kyrie Irving Faced with accusations of anti-Semitism received by the leader of the Nets, LeBron compared this soap opera to the one that has been agitating the NFL in recent hours:

Before I go, I have a question for you guys. I wonder why none of you asked me about the picture of Jerry Jones.

On the other hand, when there was the Kyrie thing, you were quick to ask us about it! When I see Kyrie talking and saying, « I know who I am, and I want so much emphasis on my people and the things they’ve been through, » well, that picture of Jerry Jones represents the one of the things that our people, the Black people, went through in America.

And I believe that as a black man, as a black sportsman who has power and influence, when you do something that is wrong or that is not unanimous, you end up on all the tabloids, all the newspapers. We are told about it every day. On the other hand, I have the impression that this photo and this Jerry Jones affair have been buried, even though I know that it took place years ago and that we all make mistakes.

I feel like we just shrugged it off, like, “Okay, it happened, but let’s move on. And I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get any questions about that from you.

An incendiary tirade delivered by the King, which directly refers to the cliché that has recently resurfaced where the famous Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, blocks access to his college to black students from the height of his 14 years:

Forced to react repeatedly to Kyrie Irving’s recent escapades, LeBron James was surprised not to be so challenged about those of NFL owner Jerry Jones. A new speech that should please Uncle Drew!

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