“Real interest” for Russell Westbrook in the East, a big deal mentioned!

For many condemned to continue his ordeal at the Lakers next season, Russell Westbrook can still dream of seeing a suitor get him out of his mess. This is finally what could happen, with a franchise from the East which would see itself attracting it this summer!

A little less than a year ago, he caused a real earthquake on the sidelines of the Draft, and stole the show from young prospects by joining the Lakers. This year, not sure Russell Westbrook changes tune again as the big ceremony approaches. A real market flop, the star point guard is set to start the new season in Los Angeles according to the latest reports.

Praised a few days ago by his new coach, Darvin Ham, Russ will nevertheless have to show a very different face if he wishes to succeed there. Unless its leaders find a way out for it by then, which still seemed very unlikely a few hours ago. However, the recent statement of an NBA insider could change the game in this case.

Russell Westbrook at the Hornets? The win-win deal mentioned

In his latest paper for The RingerKevin O’Connor says Westbrook might just land…in Charlotte, and for good reason:

The interest in Russell Westbrook reported by Marc Stein months ago is very real. Even if Westbrook’s association with LaMelo Ball makes little sense, he does have an expiring contract, and the Hornets could offer restricted free agent Miles Bridges a bonanza, not to mention Ball’s future extension.

About to test free agency, Miles Bridges would demand a max contract, or close to that amount. However, the Hornets would still hesitate to provide it to him, in particular because of the other large contracts present in their roster. A transfer to obtain Westbrook would thus allow them to save a few million next year, but above all a lot of money over the following years to keep LaMelo at all costs:

It’s high time for Charlotte to get rid of other long-term salaries (Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier) to pick up an expiring deal like Russ’. They might also consider trading their picks 13 and 15 to climb into the Draft Top 10. In any case, the Hornets should prioritize finding a scoring winger who can accompany LaMelo. Bridges is good, but with or without him, the Hornets need someone.

By sending Hayward and Rozier to Los Angeles, Charlotte would save $4.4 million next season, but above all would free up $106 million for the years 2024, 2025 and 2026. A strong argument for initiating negotiations with the Lakers. For their part, the Angelinos would further reduce their flexibility over the long term, but would offer LeBron James two choice lieutenants to aim for the title next year.

Doomed to failure for weeks, could the soap opera Russell Westbrook finally lead to a trade? The Hornets would a priori be likely to recruit the Brodie, offering in return an interesting counterpart to LA!

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