Real fracture between LeBron and Westbrook, the viral video!

With the Kyrie Irving rumors, it seems clear that LeBron James wants the point guard back with him in the City of Angels. A scenario that does not suit Russell Westbrook, who should make the opposite trip. What is certain is that the divide is real between the two Lakers, as we saw this Friday evening, during the Summer League.

The games continue in the Summer League, with several matches to follow each evening. Nothing incredible in there, even if the young people of the Lakers have the opportunity to show what they are capable of doing on a basketball court. An important moment for some, especially since the veterans in person sometimes come to support them. Scotty Pippen Jr and company have therefore seen Russell Westbrook, Darvin Ham, but above all LeBron James at the edge of the parquet this Friday, which must please.

Tensions between LeBron and Westbrook!

Yes, the King is talking to Darvin Ham, the coach, and Rob Pelinka here. Enough to ? Difficult to know, but we know that the future of the Lakers is a lot of talk. Negotiations are taking place with the Nets to bring in Kyrie Irving, although an agreement has not yet been reached. Russell Westbrook will make the opposite trip and that’s good, since the leader was also present at the game. He even took the opportunity to improvise as a coach.

For his part, LeBron spoke with Thomas Bryant, the new recruit of the Angelinos. But what will we remember from this evening? Westbrook and James didn’t talk once during this game. Not a public exchange, worse, the two stayed on their own for almost 2 hours, without any interaction. Needless to say, this is an unmistakable sign.

A hug ? A hello ? Nothing at all. No interaction between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, who avoided each other all night in this match. There are strong, unmistakable signs, and that’s definitely the case here. The tensions are real, with a Brodie who remains involved, but who knows that his departure is not far away.

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