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Spoiler alert : no, it’s not about our favorite F1.

Real Madrid have decided to part ways with one of their historical sponsors. According brand, the reigning European champion will indeed swap his partnership with Audi, which dates back to 2003, to see the competition at BMW. The biggest seller of high-end cars in the Old Continent will thus supply models to Madrid players after already partnering with AC Milan last year.

The reason for such a change? The new Bernabeu – which the Spanish club will take full advantage of from June 2023 – must allow the Casa Blanca increase its turnover by 300 million euros. The result is therefore an increase in its prices on which Audi does not intend to align. Indeed, the Bavarian manufacturer is looking to reduce its football activities to focus solely on its local standard bearer: Bayern Munich.

Real and German dragsters, a great love story and it’s not Tony Kroos who will say the opposite.

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