Ready to fight, the viral exchange between Russell Westbrook and a fan!


Heavily criticized after his last performance, Russell Westbrook is not experiencing the quietest period of his career. All the fans, or almost, demand his departure from the City of Angels. After his 0/11, he even had a cash dialogue with a supporter. Brodie is visibly fed up…

The tension continues to rise on the side of the Lakers. This Sunday evening, Darvin Ham’s men return to the courts to face the Blazers, with a possible victory at stake. In the event of a third defeat in a row, the critics would only be more numerous in the City of Angels. But it is certainly on Russell Westbrook the pressure is the greatest.

Author of a good first match, Brodie failed in beauty for the second. With an ugly 0/11 in shooting, questions arise about the future of the leader. Will an exchange take place in the next few weeks? A free agent has in any case been recently tested to strengthen the roster. A strong sign a few days after the recovery, since this workforce does not satisfy the staff and the front office. This is even less the case for Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook ready to fight with a fan?

The thing to remember is that players are first and foremost human. They are not robots ready to accept criticism from anyone. This is the case of Westbrook, who did not appreciate the words of a supporter when joining the locker room in the last game. So much so that Russ turned around to confront him. It could have ended badly, but the person in question quickly changed his tune…

Fan: “Westbrook you suck at chi**”

Russell Westbrook: “What did you just say? »

Fan: “Come on man, we need you. »

The turnaround when he was confronted 💀

Provoking a player is one thing, but it is better to assume in stride, especially when Westbrook is in front. It is clear that the point guard is disappointing, but that does not mean that he will accept such remarks. This sequence is there to remind us. What we can remember is that the fracture is in any case real between Brodie and the supporters.

Visibly ready to do battle with this fan, Russell Westbrook did not accept certain comments made. A small important update for the leader, furious at the behavior of some supporters. Fortunately for him, others still believe in his revival. Start of response this Sunday evening against Damian Lillard.


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