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Returning to Spain, eight years after leaving Atletico Madrid, Radamel Falcao has resumed his good old habits. The Colombian striker once again gave the victory to Rayo Vallecano on the lawn of Athletic Bilbao (1-2) on Tuesday.

Rayo: El Tigre is still roaring!

Falcao is already enjoying the Rayo.

It is customary to say in Cameroon that a lion never dies. In Colombia, neither can the tiger. Especially when his name is Radamel Falcao (35 years old). Plunged into a certain anonymity for two years and his departure from Monaco for Galatasaray, the striker trained in the Millionarios and River Plate still has some under the sole.

Falcao dj ltal

Returning to Spain, eight years after leaving Atletico Madrid, where he wreaked havoc for two seasons (2011-2013), the South American striker has already struck hard with Rayo Vallecano. Affectionate and with an unusual number 3 flocked on the back, the 2017 French champion was quick to show off to recall how much he had a sense of goal and the science of placement.

Scorer for his first against Getafe (3-0), Saturday, with a cross strike halfway up, Falcao allowed the club from the suburbs of Madrid to leave San Mams with three points. Entering the 76th minute of play, Cafetero regained a free kick from Bebe to place a spike head at close range and crucify Athletico Bilbao in the 96th minute for a 2-1 victory.

With Falcao, the Rayo can review its ambitions

With two achievements already on the clock in just 33 minutes, Falcao shows that he is still hungry and that he has not returned to La Liga to make up the figure. If the promoted aims above all maintenance, he already has 10 points after 6 days, pointing an astonishing 5th place. With a Tiger still roaring as much, the Rayo could try to revise its targets upwards.

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