Ray Allen gives his best all-time shooter… and snubs Steph Curry!

Legendary shooter, Ray Allen is a privileged interlocutor to talk about the best in this field. Recently he revealed the one he considers the greatest of all… It is indeed a Curry, but not the one you might think!

Just over seven years, that’s how long Ray Allen’s three-point shootout record held. The two-time champion’s 2,973 award-winning shots did not, however, withstand the tidal wave called Stephen curry, who crossed that mark a few weeks ago against the Knicks. The difference between the two men? The ex-Bostonian took 1,300 games to reach his career tally, while the Golden State point guard needed less than 800 games to do better.

A rather hallucinating observation, and which justifies that we consider the double MVP as the greatest shooter ever seen on a floor. However, when we question Jesus Shuttlesworth on the subject as recently, we have the right to a sacred surprise. Contrary to what one might think, the latter does not consider Dub as the strongest of all. His choice is rather… on the father of the best reigning scorer!

Dell Curry, Ray Allen’s greatest all-time shooter

I wouldn’t get into the best shooter conversation. The best I have ever seen, someone truly extraordinary, was Dell Curry, because he was shooting so effectively as he was mostly playing without the ball in hand. It was like he could shoot from anywhere.

It is therefore a member of the Curry family, but not really the expected one. However, if Stephen (and even his brother Seth) are known at this point for their talents behind the arc, it is also because they had their father to teach them all the tricks of the trade. Dell Curry is an excellent 40.2% career success at three points, for a total of 1,245 returned shots. A big score, for a player who evolved in the 90s!

That said, this does not in any way mean that the Hall of Famer denigrates the level of the Warrior, far from it. You only have to see the two men interact when Curry broke his Madison Square Garden record to realize this. Allen sincerely wanted to be there to experience that moment, and No. 30 almost immediately went to embrace him as soon as the historic achievement took place. Certainly one of the images of the season:

Dell Curry instead of Stephen, this is the rather surprising choice of Ray Allen. One thing is certain, this family has no shortage of prestigious shooters, and we can only hope that the family legacy will continue after the retirement of the two sons!

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