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Just like eating habits and professional activities, sports practices are changing.

RAQBALL, a 100% French sport invented by Chris OVEN, greatly contributes to this evolution, through its DNA and its philosophy.

RAQBALL is played with rackets and a ball in teams of six players, three on the field and three substitutes. The game can be played on any surface of 20 meters by 10. Lasting 20 minutes, the matches are made up of 4 periods of 5 minutes.

The objective is both simple and strategic: with their racquet, the players must put the ball in a target, thanks to passes between partners or individual progressions.

RAQBALL is a non-contact sport: diversity, agility, concentration and cardio outweigh physical strength. It allows you to develop agility, team play, movement and strategy, while remaining fun and easy to access.

This new discipline thus combines the values ​​of team sport and can be practiced by all audiences, regardless of age and level.

To know more

Website: https://www.raqball.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raqball

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