Rangers defend Jacob Trouba

The Tampa Bay Lightning are back in the series against the New York Rangers and they missed a chance to put him in the cables, especially because of a bad day at work from defenseman Jacob Trouba on Sunday.

Some fans and players from other teams may have been happy to see the Blueshirts guard run into trouble during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. After rocking Sidney Crosby and Seth Jarvis in previous matchups against the Pittsburgh Penguins and Carolina Hurricanes, respectively, Trouba once again wanted to get his message across to his opponents.

However, the referees were very attentive and sent him to the dungeon three times. During the second penalty, the « Bolts » took the opportunity to tie the game through Steven Stamkos in the last engagement and eventually triumph 3 to 2. Despite everything, the Rangers hockey player’s teammates still have full confidence in him.

“’Troubs’ has been a mainstay for us all year. It’s not his fault. Some decisions have been made [par les officiels]. Obviously, the one at the start of the third, I’m not sure, but « Troubs » played a lot of games. He is a leader and he will bounce back,” predicted Adam Fox, while questioning the punishment imposed for having retained Anthony Cirelli.

“I don’t think there’s anyone here to blame ‘Troubs’. It still does several good things. He played a very good game and played hard. It happens. He received some punishments and there were some bad leaps. I’m sure he will be the same guy in the next duel, » he told the New York Post.

Keep a cool head

However, the Rangers had taken a serious option on victory with the goals of Mika Zibanejad and Chris Kreider on the power play during the second period. But conversely, the Lightning also showed all its power in massive attack. New York says it understands.

“We got the advantage thanks to their penalties and took the lead, except that afterwards, we received two penalties. They’re a skillful club and they’re going to capitalize on their chances, which they did, Fox told NHL.com. The third was not good enough. We blocked shots, we spent time in the opposing zone, but they leveled the score.

For Kreider, it is not a question of letting down. The answer will come on Tuesday, the day of the fourth confrontation of the series.

“We have to review the match, how it ended. That said, we had a very tough meeting abroad, he analyzed. We placed ourselves in a good position before the third. We will especially remember the aspects that will have to be improved for the fourth part.

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