« Ramos will become the real leader of PSG », says Rothen

For Jérôme Rothen, the possible return of Sergio Ramos to the field raises many hopes and would solve the problems that PSG have suffered since the start of the season. According to consultant RMC Sport, the Spaniard must become the leader of the team and even the captain.

More than three months after the resumption of Ligue 1, Sergio Ramos (35) has still not played a single match with PSG, mainly because of a calf injury. But after weeks of vagueness, the Spaniard’s situation seems to be improving as he resumed collective training on Tuesday morning.

« His presence will reassure Kimpembe »

His return to the field is obviously eagerly awaited by all PSG supporters but also by Jérôme Rothen, who sees it as real reasons for hope. « Ramos will become the real leader of PSG and he must become the future captain. He has won everything, known everything. He took players and teams behind him. For example, he transformed Raphaël Varane. I am convinced that his presence will reassure Kimpembe who is in full doubt at the moment, that he will relieve Marquinhos of a weight « , he developed Wednesday in Rothen ignites on RMC.

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For him, it is essential that the Brazilian is replaced in the role of leader. « Marquinhos has a lot of quality but he misses being the real guide of this team, of being the relay of the coach. He does a lot of things at the club that should not be minimized, but that is not enough , he lacks something. He is not respected as he should be. The players do not necessarily listen to him. This is why we often see this PSG team cut in two, and not that since this year « , continues Rothen by pointing out » the lack of withdrawal, of concentration, of aggressiveness of the midfielders « .

« This three-way defense will solve the problems »

According to Jérôme Rothen, the return of the former Madrid player would therefore allow PSG to have a leader but would also offer the perfect tactical solution. « I think this three-way defense will solve the problems. With Ramos in the middle, Kimpembe on the left, Marquinhos on the right, it’s the best way to tighten the lines. »

Also present this Wednesday in Rothen ignites, Nicolas Anelka is less enthusiastic and awaits the return of the Spaniard to form an opinion: « Everything Jerome said, it’s true but he has to show it on the pitch, supports the former Real striker. The last year at Madrid he was often injured. When he came back from injury, he was not good. Since he arrived at PSG, he has not hasn’t played yet. He’s a leader, a real captain. On the field, he’s a real fighter. But to be legitimate, to be captain, to show that he is the one who will transcend the players and take them all at the top, it is still necessary to prove it on the ground. Today, we have no proof. What he did at Real, he will have to do at PSG. Living on his achievements, that does not ‘doesn’t exist in football. It’s still a big question mark. « 

Since the start of the season, PSG, although leading in Ligue 1 and second in its Champions League group behind Manchester City, has shown worrying signs of feverishness. Evils that Sergio Ramos can solve?

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