Ramos, the syndrome that could hasten his end of career


Faced with repeated muscular problems, Sergio Ramos would be a victim of « old calf syndrome ».

If we had to take the liberty of giving advice to the staff of the Paris Saint Germainit would be this: don’t rely too much on Sergio Ramos. The Spanish defender has given too few guarantees about his physical condition in recent months to be considered a credible appeal for an important, random PSG-Real match in the Champions League.

The former Madrid captain also relapsed, a few days before this very important round of 16, and if his forfeit hasn’t been announced yet, it’s starting to look quite likely. At Ramos, after the knee, it is the calves that creak. An evil difficult to manage, which Jean-Marcel Fercet, former doctor of the France team, describes as “old calf syndrome”.

A hard-to-find problem

“I’ve seen a lot of that in my career. These are very annoying lesions because we can never really predict their evolution., explains the former “Doc” of the Blues in Le Parisien. For Ramos, this translates into returns postponed from week to week (this was the case for him between September and November), and a vagueness maintained by PSG about his condition:  » Sergio Ramos continues his physical preparation”, se was sometimes content to indicate the PSG in its medical press release.

For the players, these calf problems become more and more complex as they approach Ramos’ age (35, soon to be 36).  » When these tissues (calves) lose their flexibility, it is an area that becomes increasingly fragile. Then, it may be that when we fear for a calf, we relieve this one, and we overwork the other. Either the rehabilitation has focused a lot on the left calf to restore its elasticity, and less on the right calf. »

This is what happens with Ramos, who cannot manage to chain the matches at all: only 10 meetings in 2021, including three with PSG. After his first match with Paris at the end of November in Saint-Etienne, he had to miss the following three meetings, the time to recover. In 2022, he chained an entry into play then a tenure before returning to the infirmary. “His body refuses him to fully play football, sums up Le Parisien. A headache for PSG and a problem for the Sevillian, who is fighting so that the end of his career does not come sooner than expected. »

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