Ramji Srinivasan explains why Roger Federer seems to play effortlessly.

While former Indian cricket team coach Ramji Srinivasan explained the similarities between Roger Federer and former Indian professional cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ramji also revealed the reason why Federer (and Dhoni) are able to make it feel easy to play like them.

« I would immediately compare Dhoni to Federer. In terms of preparation, you can see a lot of similarities. If you look at Federer, he makes everything look very easy… his forehand or backhand, his drop shot, his serve and his volley, everything seems so easy and effortless.

But to make things look so easy, you have to work twice as hard as others and you also have to work smart, » said Ramji Srinivasan, quoted by Indian publication Pragativadi.

Besides being compared to Dhoni, Roger Federer has also recently been compared to basketball superstar Stephen Curry.

Roger Federer is like a ‘ballet dancer’

Famous photographer Radka Leitmeritz says Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer is ‘perfect’ and ‘like a ballet dancer’

The Czech photographer has been working in fashion photography for a long time and recently turned to tennis. Speaking to Baseline magazine, Leitmeritz said: « I love photographing Roger, he’s like a ballet dancer.

He is so perfect, his way of playing is very photogenic. For me, it’s so amazing to be in the photographer’s pit, sometimes I wonder what I’m doing there. »

Leitmeritz says Federer’s Australian Open 2020 photo for Racquet magazine is one of his favorite photos. Federer is widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time and is also known for his athleticism and graceful movement on the court.

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