Rama Yade says living as a « micro-aggression » to have to pass in front of the statue of Colbert

In a lively and unexpected interview given to The Express, the former Secretary of State under Nicolas Sarkozy, now based in Washington, notably defends “wokism”.

Former center-right politician Rama Yade has become a follower of wokism. Installed in Washington for three years, the former Secretary of State under Nicolas Sarkozy came out of his silence in an interview « muscular»Published Friday evening by The Express. Supporting her speech with literary and historical references, the one who was from 2007 to 2010 successively Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights, then in charge of Sports, affirms in particular to have lived as a « micro aggression » to have to « pass in Paris in front of the figure of Colbert, this great enemy of liberty, whose statue is in front of the National Assembly« . She is also happy that movements such as « Black lives matter«  and « Me too« , Deeply »republicans« , »revive a moribund transatlanticism« .

Wokism, a « noble fight« 

« Black lives matter is a healthy movement», Considers the politician born in Dakar to a historian father, right-hand man of President Léopold Sédar Sengor. While the subject of minority rights ignites Western democracies, the former minister encourages her country to call into question. « How is it that the black men who constitute 8% of the population are 40% to occupy the American prisons? (…) One in 3 young blacks will experience prison during their lifetime compared to 1 in 17 whites. How is it that they represent the majority of populations infected with Covid?« . The death of George Floyd was, she says, a « ultimate detonator in this awakening« .

On the subject of wokism precisely (« awakening»In English), Rama Yade does not understand the debate aroused in Europe. For her, the term was « abusively used as a tool of censorship« , While it is actually a »noble fight, justice and demand for equality which should be proud of the homeland of human rights« . « VSit’s just the rejection of discrimination», She defends.

The minister goes further: the woke movement, the cancel culture were precisely born in France. “From Lacan to Foucault, French thinkers inspired the woke movement! Let us be proud of it as French people! ” Deploring that we are not able to have our « own words« To say them, Rama Yade affirms it: these cultural wars are »typically French« . « Rather than appropriating these words to claim or denounce them, we should have developed our own thought tools, our own repositories“Pleads the former right-wing minister.

No anti-white racism

Because in France, she says, « racism is everywhere« . Facies control, police violence, almost exclusively white elites … Instead of facing its structural racism, France has « rewrites his past » for « deny what she was« . « By denying the problem, we refrain from acting and the situation worsensRama Yade warns. For the former Secretary of State, the deboulonneurs of statues do not cancel culture, « on the contrary« : »they have rehabilitated history, the totality of history that they know well, they, at least, that which the selective memory of some of our leaders wanted to conceal« .

And to deplore the « white privilege » in France. « Without asking for anything, or even without knowing it, certain opportunities are available to you. Me, without asking for anything, some doors are closed to me« . If there is structural racism, isn’t it a counter-example? « But I was a unicorn!, objects the one who was the first black woman member of a government in France. I was an anomaly, not a prototype at all« .

If Rama Yade recognizes some « abuse« In the expression of these doctrines, she refuses to qualify as racism the hostility towards whites perceived in certain suburbs, since »there is no racism without domination« . « This is not to deny when some people say they are called « dirty whites » in certain neighborhoods. But I’m sorry to tell you that’s not anti-white racism« .

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