Ralf Schumacher tackles Nikita Mazepin | F1only.fr

To say the least, Ralf Schumacher was not at all impressed with Russian Nikita Mazepin’s performance this season in F1.

While last September Schumacher did not hesitate to say that Mazepin « Had no place in Formula 1 » because of his conduct judged « Dangerous », the German has not changed his mind at the end of this 2021 season and still believes that the young Russian driver « Should do something else » of his life.

“Nikita Mazepin was surely a good driver in Formula 2, but this year he’s gone in the wrong direction and I think he should actually do something else. He doesn’t necessarily have to drive in Formula 1. ” Schumacher said on Sky Sports.

The German even takes it a step further and believes the Russian may not be the right person to help his nephew Mick Schumacher – who also started his Formula 1 career this season with the Haas team. : “He needs someone who can help him, someone who can work with him to move the team forward so that Mick is not alone in this lost cause. « 

Regarding Mick Schumacher again, Ralf Schumacher hopes that his nephew will finally be able to open his points counter in Formula 1 next year, provided of course that Haas gives him a competitive car: “It will depend on what Haas makes available to them. Then, it will be up to him to implement everything. «  Schumacher concludes.

Recently, Nikita Mazepin – who has not scored a single point in Formula 1 to date – tested positive for Covid-19. The Haas driver was therefore forced to skip the last race of the year in Abu Dhabi.

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