Rafael Nadal’s love for Real Madrid leads to…

Rafael Nadal is going to play the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open. According to Madrid’s tournament schedule, the Spaniard’s first match will fall on Wednesday: In the first match of the draw, he will face Kecmanovic. Not a chance day for the winner of twenty-one Grand Slam titles: on Wednesday evening there will also be the return match of the Champions League, which sees Manchester City and Real Madrid as protagonists.

The Spanish team, together with the tennis player’s favorite team, must recover (in their stadium) the result of the spectacular first leg, which ended 4-3 for the English.

Speaking to El Larguero, tournament director Feliciano Lopez revealed that Nadal asked to move the time of his opening game, also explaining the reasons, not only related to the football game.

« Rafa likes to play during the day in Madrid, because the ball bounces higher, and with the semi-final of the Champions League, he asked us not to play at the same time as the game, » Lopez revealed, as told as reported by Punto de Break, who confessed to wanting to go see Real Madrid.

It’s a choice that two other Real Madrid players and tennis fans will most likely follow: Nadal himself and Carlos Alcaraz.

Rafael Nadal’s celebrations for Real Madrid

Even if the passage to the final of the Champions League is still in the balance, with a goal to recover from City, certainties are coming for Real Madrid on the championship front.

In the match against the Spaniard, it was Rafa Nadal who kicked off the game. A match that, with the final result of 2-1, determined the victory of the Spanish Liga by the team from the capital.

As a big fan of Real, Rafael Nadal took the opportunity to celebrate the thirty-five of the championship. Celebrations that saw the Spanish tennis player dine with two champions of the Madrid team: Ronaldo and Luis Figo.

To close the table, there is also the current coach of the Spanish team, Carlo Ancelotti: the Italian is the only one to have won the five major championships (Milan, Chelsea, Byern Monaco, Paris St Germain, Real Madrid) .

Real Madrid beat Manchester City 3-1 to reach the UEFA Champions League final against Liverpool on May 28, 2022.

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