Rafael Benitez at Everton « always destined to end in turmoil, » says Danny Murphy, who claims ex-Liverpool boss will not be able to make fans happy and highlights trend of player fallout

There is no way Rafael Benitez can turn Everton’s fortune to the satisfaction of Toffees fans.

That’s the point of view of Danny Murphy, who believes the Spaniard has nowhere to go to convince fans he’s the right fit for the helm of Goodison Park.


Many Everton fans may never have taken former Liverpool boss Benitez in the first place

Benitez is under serious pressure, with Everton having won just one of their last ten Premier League games.

It looked like they had turned a corner with their comeback victory over Arsenal, however, any hope of that seemed to have been dampened by their loss to Crystal Palace last weekend.

Marcel Brands’ recent departure as director of football seemed to save the Spaniard more time, but Murphy believes Benitez at Everton was always going to end in tears.

“He’s doomed,” Murphy said of White and Jordan. “He doesn’t have the team to get by.

Everton's poor form saw them slide to 14th in the Premier League table


Everton’s poor form saw them slide to 14th in the Premier League table

“He can’t bring Everton to the level he needs to make the Evertonians happy with this team.

“When he first entered there I thought from a football point of view, what he has done before, it looked like a decent date.

“I forgot, not living in the area and without thinking about it, about the connection with Liverpool and the things he said about Everton it was always destined to end in turmoil. « 

While it looks like Benitez has lost, or perhaps never had many Everton fans, it looks like he is losing players as well.

Richarlison was visibly disappointed when he was substituted in the second half at Selhurst Park, coming off the pitch. Meanwhile, Lucas Digne has played no role amid the reported fallout with the manager.

Benitez later revealed Richarlison was taken off after suffering a calf injury


Benitez later revealed Richarlison was taken off after suffering a calf injury

Murphy stressed that this was not the first time Benitez has come into conflict with his players.

“Rafa is used to falling out with players who don’t tow the line,” added Murphy.

“Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, John Terry, at Real Madrid, Ramos, Ronaldo and Alonso were the most obvious at Liverpool.

“What he did with Digne, he cut his nose to upset his face. Maybe he’s not playing because he questioned him.

“But he put Ben Godfrey, who is a center-back, left-back. And he can’t play left-back, Jordan Ayew has destroyed him.

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