Radical change of position for Nico Batum, he reacts cash!

Nicolas Batum is going to have a big season, he who will be an essential cog in the smooth running of the Clippers, particularly ambitious franchise in the race for the title. But according to the latest information from the City of Angels, he will have to get used to a new position!

For the first time in a long time, Nicolas Batum was able to spend a quiet summer, without the French team, which should allow him to start the season on the floor with his Clippers. So obviously, the captain of the Blues could not completely win, and he commented on all the Euro matches live, with in particular several big updates on the level and importance of Rudy Gobert.

Rested and calm after having spent his entire summer with his family, motivated by the fine medal of his French team and by the incredible prospects for the future on the international scene, it is undoubtedly a Batman in top form who has returned to the City of Angels for the training camp. He also knows that the ambitions will be high, he will have to be 100% very early in the season.

Nicolas Batum new pivot of the Clippers!

And if his experience should help him for this 15th season at the highest level, he will have to learn to shine in a new position, in which he will be regularly used. Indeed, according to many local journalists, the French will evolve pivot on long sequences, proof of his versatility. He spoke quite clearly on this issue:

I don’t care about playing pivot. As I always say, wherever the coach asks me to play, I will. I also happen to play leader in this team. I’m lucky to be versatile and I already played pivot in the playoffs two years ago, I got used to it a bit. The NBA is changing, it’s easier for a player like me to be a pivot. It won’t necessarily be a big adjustment.

After all will depend on our adversaries. If we play against Nikola Jokic or Joel Embiid, obviously it will be different, but I have to do the job. And offensively it will be a good thing for us when I face them. After 15 years in the NBA it’s pretty easy anyway to prepare for a new season, especially in a squad like this.

Behind Iviva Zubac, the Clippers clearly lack an experienced pivot, so Tyronn Lue could turn to the versatile Nicolas Batum on certain sequences, to secure precious minutes in the key. The captain of the France team is ready to take up this challenge and give his all, knowing that he has the qualities to pose big problems for his opponents.

Nicolas Batum is a real Swiss knife, to the delight of his trainer Tyronn Lue who will be able to express his creativity in the rotations. The captain of the France team will be winger, pivot, leader, everything his teammates need in the quest for the title.

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