racist insults towards Maignan, an identified supporter


A man suspected of having uttered racist insults against French AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan before the game against Juventus on Sunday in Turin has been identified and will have to respond to incitement to hatred, has it been said learned Thursday from a police source.

The suspect, from Rovigo, Veneto, belonged to a fan club in the Verona region. He was identified by Juventus and the police « through the stadium’s video surveillance system » and denounced to the judicial authorities, according to a Turin police investigator.

« Incitement to racial hatred »

He should be prosecuted for « inciting racial hatred » and faces a fine and a stadium ban, according to this source. In a video filmed in the stadium and broadcast on social networks, a person could be heard hurling racist insults at the goalkeeper N.2 of the Blues while he was warming up just before the match.
The supporters’ club to which the suspect belonged announced on its website his immediate exclusion, « firmly dissociating itself from such behavior and harshly condemning it ».

Mike Maignan, who arrived in Milan this summer, called for a reaction after this new episode of racism: “We need to be more numerous and to be all united in this battle for society which goes beyond football. In the instances, do the people who decide know what it feels like to hear insults and cries relegating us to the rank of animal? ”He wondered.

“I am not a + victim + of racism. I am Mike, standing, black and proud, ”he had launched in his message on Instagram, while the Italian stadiums are regularly the scene of racist insults and cries.


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