Racist controversy at AS Rome around shoes offered to Afena-Gyan

THE SPORT SCAN – In one video, an individual asked the Ghanaian who opened a gift if there were « bananas inside. » The player quickly deflated the case.

José Mourinho is a coach who keeps his word. On Tuesday, the Portuguese technician gave his striker Afena-Gyan a pair of shoes he had been promised if he scored a brace, which he did against Cagliari in his second appearance only with the team first. The “Special One” therefore summoned the very young 18-year-old striker to give him the gift worth 800 euros.

Touched by this attention, the Ghanaian did not need to be asked to discover the reward. We see him moved in a video posted on his official account but when the striker opens the packaging, an unidentified man asks him if there are « bananas inside. » (at 0’35  » on the video)

As racist slippages in Italian football have increased in recent months, the video was very quickly the subject of an article by the Roman edition of the Corriere dello Sport who called this scene a « racist slippage. » The controversy then spread like wildfire on social networks until the player’s development on Wednesday.

According to him, this was not at all a racist statement but a joke that he and some people at the club have had since his arrival in Rome: “I want to assure all of you that I was in no way offended by the substantive comment made in the video, and I truly believe there was no racist intent. From day one at the club, I was welcomed into the family by everyone, who joked with me like everyone in the family. Because they see that I eat a lot of bananas, it became something we laughed at sometimes, and I think the comment was another example of that. ”

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