Racing is relocating, Auber will play in Montrouge, the Lusitanos angry… Your football weekend in Île-de-France

Le Parisien invites you to take a tour of the football program in Île-de-France. After a weekend devoted to the Coupe de France, the National, N2 and N3 championships resume. In National, Versailles moves to Châteauroux while Paris 13 Atletico and Red Star will play at home on Monday evening. In women’s D1, Paris FC opens the ball this Friday against Bordeaux at the Charléty stadium.

The match of the weekend: castle life for Racing?

Second in Group A at National, one point behind Rouen, Racing is making a resounding comeback at this level. Guillaume Norbert’s team also has the best attack (21 goals scored) and is the only one still undefeated in its group. But she will have to manage a major change for the rest of her season. Its Yves-du-Manoir stadium in Colombes being under construction for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Racing will now play at the Montbauron stadium in Versailles. First match, this Saturday against the Rennes reserve.

The sentence: “They made me proud against Quevilly. But they will make me even more proud if they take 4 or 6 points against Montrouge and Paris FC”.

Last Saturday, the players from Aubervilliers (N3) achieved a historic feat by eliminating Quevilly RM (L2) in the 7th round of the Coupe de France. In ten days, they will leave for Reunion to play their 8th round. “They are living extraordinary moments with the organization of the match with us in Karman, the scenario, the emotion of qualifying and the enthusiasm it aroused on social networks and in town. In addition, there is this trip in perspective. Everything is mixed up… But my role is to remain vigilant,” says trainer Rachid Youcef.

Before flying to Reunion, Auber, 5th in N3, will play two away games, in Montrouge on Saturday then at the Paris FC reserve next week. “They made me proud against Quevilly. But they will make me even more proud if they take 4 or 6 points against Montrouge and Paris FC… We have to stay at the top of the table”, continues Rachid Youcef.

The rant: the anger of the Lusitanos Saint-Maur

It was a first season in the national championships. Last week, the Lusitanos of Saint-Maur, affected by a wave of Covid, were forced to postpone their match for the 7th day of N2 against Boulogne-sur-Mer. In total, 18 people (players, staff) were affected. “Then following the isolation protocols in force, from 7 to 10 days, with great rigor, to effectively fight against the spread of the virus, the players and the staff were then deprived of training and Chéron to deal with this. home, writes the club in a press release. The FFF has nevertheless decided to maintain the match of the 9th day against the reserve of Reims this Saturday.

A decision that caused misunderstanding. “In exceptional circumstances, ordinary measure. Considered as a simple “flu or a gastro”, a cluster of Covid would not be a pretext for a new postponement, adds the press release. For the French Football Federation, the Lusitanos have enough senior and U19 licensees who can be fielded this Saturday. A grotesque pretext when you know the importance of collective training to compose a team. Clearly posing a problem from an ethical point of view in a National 2 championship which leaves no room for improvisation, even more so this season which will see 5, even 6, teams descend from division. And spilling over to other club teams playing this weekend. Without this challenging the FFF.

But if the athlete may seem secondary, it is just as important to be alerted from a health point of view with the endangerment of the health of the players, as well as their loved ones. Especially since some Lusitanians have been more than shaken in recent days. The risk of contamination is also possible for his opponent, reserve of a professional club. The US Lusitanos wishes to make people listen to reason to protect the players but also all the people likely to be present at this meeting (Referees, Delegate, Managers, supporters…). Playing this match would be a serious health and sporting prejudice. »

The player to watch: Mathilde Bourdieu (Paris FC)

Still undefeated (5 wins, 2 draws), the girls of Paris FC receive Bordeaux this Friday (9 p.m.) at the Charléty stadium. Sandrine Soubeyrand’s team can count on their in-form striker, Mathilde Bourdieu, who has just scored 3 goals in the last two games (4 in total). At 23, the student in the 3rd year of physiotherapy school is going through the « best period of her career » after her serious knee injury which kept her away from the field in 2020-2021. A youth international, she was called up to the France A team for the first time for the match against Norway on November 11 in Spain. « I feel proud, it’s a great reward, I can’t wait to be there, » she says.

The good plan: Paris 13 Atletico offers entry to all Ile-de-France residents against Orléans on Monday

Relocated to the Charléty stadium on Monday at 7 p.m., the match of the 11th day of National between Paris 13 Atletico and Orléans will be free for all inhabitants of the Paris region upon presentation of proof at the counter. The opportunity to encourage the 3rd team of the city of Paris behind the PSG and the PFC, little Thumb of the National that she discovers for the first time.

Among young people: a new coach at Drancy

It’s moving in Drancy where a new technical director, Himed Hamma, former coach of Bobigny (N2) has arrived. In difficulty – penultimate in group A with 2 wins, 1 draw and 7 defeats – the 19-year-old nationals have a new coach. Nassim El Abdi, who took JAD to the French Championship playoffs last season, a first for an amateur club, was dismissed from his post. It was Yann Lecoq, coach of Villemomble (R1) last season after passing through Torcy and the recruitment cell of Reims (L1) who was appointed.


National (11th day)

Friday, 7.30 p.m.: Châteauroux – Versailles. Monday, 7 p.m.: Paris 13 Atletico – Orléans (Charléty stadium), 9 p.m.: Red Star – Dunkirk (Bauer stadium).

National 2 (9th day)

Group A. Saturday, 2.30 p.m.: Racing CFF – Rennes (b) (Montbauron stadium, Versailles), 6 p.m.: Chateaubriant – Poissy

Group B. Saturday, 6 p.m.: Sainte-Geneviève – Haguenau (Sports Park), Lusitanos Saint-Maur -Reims (b) (Cheron stadium), Epinal – Créteil, FC 93 Bobigny BG – Metz (b) (Auguste Delaune stadium), Belfort – Fleury.

National 3 (7th day)

Saturday 3 p.m.: Le Blanc-Mesnil – Drancy (Jean Bouin stadium), 6 p.m.: SSG – PSG agreement (b) (Michel Hidalgo stadium), Ivry – Les Mureaux (Clerville stadium), Linas-Montlhéry – Les Ulis (Paul Desgouillons), Montrouge – Aubervilliers (Jean Lezer stadium). Sunday, 3 p.m.: Brétigny – Paris FC (b) (Auguste Delaune stadium).

U19 Nationals (11th day)

Group A. Sunday 3 p.m.: PSG – Gonfreville (Camp des Loges), Valenciennes – Drancy, Montfermeil – Lille (Henri Vidal stadium)

Group B. Sunday, 3 p.m.: Le Puy – Torcy, FC 93 Bobigny BG – Paris FC (Auguste Delaune stadium).

Women’s D1 (7th day)

Friday, 9 p.m.: Paris FC – Bordeaux (Charléty stadium). Saturday, 1:30 p.m.: PSG – Montpellier (Camp des Loges), 2:30 p.m.: Fleury – Le Havre (Auguste Gentelet stadium).

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