Rachel Balkovec Aspires To Become MLB General Manager

Last Sunday, the Yankees made professional baseball history by appointing a first woman manager in the minor leagues. This pioneer, Rachel Balkovec, does not intend to stop there, however.

The one who served as the batting coach for two years before getting her promotion has her long-term goal of becoming a general manager in MLB, nothing less.

She has ambition, and that’s perfect.

The MLB has been around since 1869. That was 153 years ago. During this period, no woman was a manager or CEO in the Majors. And yet there were quite possibly a few who would have had the skills to take on such roles.

Balkovec, 34, is aware that she is the bearer of change. Whether she likes it or not, she embodies the feminine wave that is gradually sweeping through the world of professional sport – as much in the office, on the bench or in the media.

In an interview, she noticed that people might be curious about her, but that was completely normal: who isn’t going to turn their heads when standards change?

Even though what she does has no baseball precedent, she feels out of place. A native of Nebraska, she learned Spanish and deserves the respect of many Spanish-speaking players for this reason.

“The players I work with, whether they like me or not, whether they like what I say or not, I feel like they respect me. At the very least, they know I’m passionate, hardworking, and know what I’m talking about. Whether they like what I tell them is another story, but all coaches live with that. « 

– Rachel Balkovec

In ten years of career, the new manager must have crossed thousands of players. Has she experienced any negative events since she is a woman? “So few that they’re not even worth mentioning,” she replies.

Rachel Balkovec is clear: she doesn’t need outside approval. She concentrates on the Yankees organization and is satisfied with the support that is conveyed to her.

That calm, poise, and focus on what matters are all elements that should take her far. Yes, that’s a prediction.

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