Quinté PMU prediction for Tuesday 20/12/2022

It’s the George Pastre Prize which has been selected to serve as support for the Tiercé Quarté Quinté of the PMU of the day on Tuesday, December 20, 2022. This is an obstacle course (hurdles) which will take place on the Pau racecourse (Meeting n°1 – Race n°4). This first divided handicap test, endowed with 95,000 euros in allowances, brought together 16 starters who will compete around 1:50 p.m. on the rope course to the right of the 3,500 meters of the grass track (very soft ground, penetrometer at 4, 1).

The good favorite of the Quinté

Back on a distance perhaps more in line with his abilities, Singapore Trip (9) seems quite capable of taking an active part in the finish of this Tiercé Quarté Quinté+. After taking 2nd place in the Prix Santo Pietro at Auteuil ahead of James Reveley’s partner, this horse from Luigi Maceli’s stable has just finished only 6th in the Prix Marc Antony, a quinté disputed over 3,900 meters. On Tuesday there will be only 3,500 meters to go and that should work in his favour. Correctly placed in weight and very comfortable on flowing courses, this son of Goken and Singapore Treat should logically fight for victory. He will be the favorite of this prognosis.

The golden base

Very confirmed in this category, Saint-Langis (4) seems to constitute a reliable base in this Quinté+. This horse trained by Brigitte Ré-Scandella has, in fact, a 5th place and two 3rd places in 4 attempts in heavy handicaps. It therefore no longer has to prove its competitiveness at this level. He will certainly change his environment this Tuesday and discover the track of the Pau racecourse but he likes to gallop in the leading group, a tactic that often pays off on this flowing track. Associated with James Reveley, a top jockey, he should logically succeed in claiming one of the first five places at the finish of this trifecta. Bettors who like to play in a reduced field will therefore be able to rely on his candidacy without taking too many risks.

The best loser

Judged on its best performances, Transform (13) seems to be the good loser of this Quinté of Tuesday December 20, 2022. This jumper trained by Mickaël Seror remains on a failure but it was for his steeplechase debut. It is therefore better to judge him on his previous results obtained previously in his chosen discipline. We will particularly remember his victory at Fontainebleau ahead of Iltone, winner on his next outing. We will also remember his 3rd place acquired at the Clairefontaine-Deauville racecourse in a valid field. Associated with the skilful Kévin Nabet, he could perfectly show a big odds on arrival, which will raise the pmu reports in the event of failure of the favorites.

The speculative outsider

Diamond dealer (16) will wear the bottom-weight this Tuesday, only 62 kg. In form, this resident of the stable of the skilful Daniela Mele continues to progress at the end of the season. It has just behaved well at Compiègne behind Flash Davier, a horse which had just taken the first accessit of the Marc Antony Prize. The line is therefore rather favorable even if it is a losing line. Associated with Lucas Zuliani, a formidable jockey in fifths, he could perfectly play the spoilsport at the finish of this event thanks to new progress. Gamblers looking for a speculative outsider or a gamble may therefore be interested in his candidacy.

The other 4 horses to play

Before the blow, it is not obvious to know the degree of form of Showy (14) because Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé did not speak to the press before this trifecta. Be that as it may, this son of Spider Flight out of Lady Bulle has already done well in good races at the Butte Mortemart racecourse. With only 63 kilos on his back this Tuesday, his theoretical chance will therefore be very real and he could cause a surprise.

Toscana of Berlais (12) was not unworthy in the reference race. We can be wary of it for places.

Morgan Has (3) just fell in a steeplechase. Back in hurdles, a discipline where she has already obtained good results, she could be in the winning quinté despite the weight she will have to carry (68 kg).

Horenta (15) keeps falling down the scale of values. With only 62 kilos on her back, she could confuse the issue on Tuesday.

The last minute in case of non-starter

With 3 victories and 1 runner-up in 4 races, it is very difficult to reproach anything to Idea of ​​the Choir (2). He will nevertheless go up in class this Tuesday while carrying 70 kilos. Under these conditions, retaining it or not in a selection will be above all a matter of impression. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to slip it on your game ticket as an additional horse.

The 100% free trifecta prediction in eight horses (☆)
Singapore Trip (9)
Saint-Langis (4)
Transform (13)
Diamond dealer (16)
Showy (14)
Toscana of Berlais (12)
Morgan Has (3)
Horenta (15)
Confidence index: (1 star: Not particularly confident – ​​2 stars: confident – ​​3 stars: Very confident)

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The Quinté forecast on video

Some key figures to properly analyze this obstacle course

The 5 best jockeys in Quinté

  1. Lucas Zuliani (n°16): 61% success rate
  2. Angelo Zuliani (n°3): 50% success rate
  3. James Reveley (n°4): 46% success rate
  4. Kévin Nabet (n°13): 33% success rate
  5. Geoffrey Ré (n°7): 33% success rate

The 5 best trainers in Quinté

  1. Brigitte Ré-Scandella (n°4): 60% success rate
  2. Erwan Grall (n°15): 50% success rate
  3. R.-C. Montenegro (n°7): 50% success rate
  4. Mickaël Seror (n°6): 50% success rate
  5. Alain Couétil (n°13): 45% success rate

Horses penalized by weight

  • Joshua Moon (10): +4.5 kilos
  • Free Lord of Anjou (7): +3 kilos
  • State tactics (1): +2 kilos

Horses lowered to weight

  • Jet Ito (6): -1 kilo
  • Horenta (15): -0.5 kg
  • Odela (5): -0.5 kg

PMU bets available on this race

There are 7 horse racing bets on this main race with a strategy and a level of difficulty which vary according to the number of winning numbers to be found: the single game, the couple, the multi, the 2sur4, the trifecta, the quarté and the quinté +. Attention, if you play on the internet, you will find the same games on the PMU website with identical rules but they will have a slightly different name: e.simple, e.coupled, e.multi, e.2sur4, e.tiercé , e-quarté, e.quinté+. However, the gains will not be the same. Indeed, since December 2015, the PMU has been obliged to separate its pools of stakes. Punters playing online (pmu.fr) therefore benefit from different ratios from those playing at a PMU (Pari Mutuel Urbain) point of sale, namely pmu fdj bars-tabac-presses and racetracks.

  • The simple game : This game consists of designating a single horse with two variants: the simple winning game and the simple placing game. If you are playing the win-win single game, your horse will have to cross the finishing post first. In a simple placed game, he must finish in the first 3 or in the first 2 if the race has fewer than 8 starters. The base bet for the single game is 1.50 euro. Its player return rate (TRJ) is 85%, which makes it the least taxed and most advantageous bet for punters.
  • The couple : This game consists in designating two horses. As for the simple, there are two variants: the winning pair and the placed pair. If you are playing as a winning couple, you will have to find the first two horses at the finish. In placed pair, you will have to find two horses among the first three that make up the finish.
  • The Tiercé : Created in 1954 by André Carrus, the trifecta has been a great success with players since its creation. This is PMU’s oldest horse racing bet. To win, you need to find the first three horses. There are two different ratios: the Trifecta in order (the 3 winning numbers in order) and the Trifecta out of order (the 3 winning numbers in any order).
  • The Quarter : The punters must nominate four horses by specifying their order of classification on arrival. There are therefore several ratios: the Quarté in the order (4 winning numbers in the exact order), the quarté disorder (the 4 winning numbers in the disorder) and the Bonus 3 (three first at the finish without the horse arriving fourth).
  • The Quinté+ : This is the game with the biggest payout at the PMU (10,552,350 euros in winnings in 2011 for a Breton bettor). It consists in finding the first 5 of the race. Here again, there are several ratios: The quinté order (the 5 winning numbers in order), the quinté disorder (the 5 winning numbers in any order), the Bonus 3 (the first 3), the Bonus 4 (the 4 first). It should be noted that, every Sunday, the PMU offers a piggy bank of €500,000 to punters who have found the winning combination of Quinté in order. This jackpot is €100,000 for punters who play e.quinté+ on pmu.fr.
  • The Multi : To win this game, you have to find, whatever the order, the first 4 horses at the finish, having designated four, five, six or seven horses on your ticket. The interest of this game lies in the risk that the bettor is ready to take when he fills his ticket. Indeed, the fewer horses he chooses, the higher the gain.
  • The 2of4 : a bet which consists in finding 2 horses among the first 4.

How much will your game cost?

It is important to set a budget not to exceed when betting on horse racing. You must therefore have a good strategy and know the amount of your combination at the risk of exceeding the amount you had set. When you play in unit formula, it is very simple to calculate the price of your ticket because you just need to have in mind the base bet of your horse racing bet. On the other hand, things get complicated if you want to play in the combined formula. Find, below, the prices of your games in combined formula (from 3 to 9 associated horses). The amounts are indicated according to the base stake for each horse racing bet.

Combined formula prices


Rates in reduced field formula

Amount of your Tiercé with 1 or 2 bases
Associated horses1 basis2 bases
Amount of your Quarté with several bases
Associated horses1 basis2 bases3 bases
Amount of your Quinté with several bases
Associated horses1 basis2 bases3 bases4 bases
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