Quint-Fonsegrives. Local champion and school children for the sports festival

National School Sports Day takes place every year at the end of September. In Quint-Fonsegrives the mayor, Jean-Pierre Gasc, the national education inspector, Anne Philipson and Alain Laborie, assistant in charge of community life and volunteering, went to meet the children and the actors of this day (teachers, educators and volunteers from the various sports associations in the town). They had the pleasure of welcoming the sponsor of this day, Théo Ticout, a top athlete in English boxing and Quint-Fonsegrivois. Demonstrations of individual and collective sports were organized at the Guy Borrel stadium and in the Bernard Soléra space in collaboration with the sports federations, their volunteers, teachers from the Jean-Marie Fériol school group, municipal staff and the municipality.

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