« Quarterback » The Docu-Series on American Football to follow in July on Netflix


Netflix is ​​at the rendezvous on documentaries-series on sport. Indeed after “Drive to Survive” behind the scenes of Formula 1 « Break Point » which takes you to the WTA and ATP Tennis circuit or even “At the heart of the peloton” the long-awaited documentary series on the Tour de France, Netflix announces the broadcast from July 12, 2023 of “Quarterback”

This American football series followed the NFL’s three star quarterbacks throughout the 2022 season: Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City), Kirk Cousins (Minnesota) and Marcus Mariota (Atlanta).

Mahomes is one of the series’ producers, through his company 2PM. Peyton Manning, the former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos star QB and five-time NFL MVP will also produce “Quarterback,” which will air this summer just before the next season kicks off.

“I’m excited for fans to have exclusive behind-the-scenes access to an unforgettable season for the Chiefs franchise and for my family. From welcoming a new baby into our household mid-season, to hosting the Lombardi Trophy in Kansas City, our cameras were there at every opportunity. This new Netflix show will show the time, preparation and balance it takes to be an NFL quarterback. »

The Netflix Trailer


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