Qatar national football team marks biggest leap in FIFA rankings


The historic Gold Cup results for the Qatari football team have resulted in a remarkable leap in the FIFA rankings released today Thursday.

Qatar had reached the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, placing them in 42nd place in the world rankings, after being 58th in the table at the end of May.

In a statement published on the official website, FIFA praised the big leap made by the Qatar national team.

The International Football Association, during the same statement, documented the highest ranking in the positions of the new ranking, after advancing 16 positions, to reach 42 today, after being 58 in the last ranking published by the International Federation in May. 27..

The FIFA website confirmed in the statement that the Qatari team are most advanced in the standings across 348 matches they have played since the previous standings in May, noting that the team came in fifth place after have collected 57 points, behind each of Italy 102 points. and the United States 93 points. Argentina have 72 and England 66, while Qatar is ahead of Brazil, which obtained 55 points, and Spain, which obtained 32 points.

By reaching the 42nd place in the world, the Qatari team equaled its best place in the standings it occupied in 1993. While Qatar maintained its fifth place in Asia after Japan (24), Iran (26), the Australia (35) and South Korea. (36).


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