Punished two weeks ago, the Warriors take the risk!

While the franchise has been heavily penalized for tampering, recently, Golden State has apparently decided to add a layer. This time, it’s an MVP that the Dubs have openly mentioned! They are therefore not afraid of anything …

Stephen curry in great shape, Klay Thompson on the return: it feels like four years behind the Warriors, when the San Francisco men outrageously dominated the league. With the Splash Brothers returning to competition, Californians are sizzling hot about the season ahead. It must be said that they can also count on a promising workforce, which could make sparks.

However, this does not prevent them from probing the market, sometimes even in cases … quite impossible. During his last media release, Bob Myers released a little commentary on the reigning MVP, Nikola Jokic! As the GM explains, he particularly appreciates seeing the Serbian pivot play… even if he does it for Denver!

Golden State dredges Jokic, new fine in sight?

Golden State GM Bob Myers just now on the Warriors table: “I’m not supposed to be talking about players from other teams, but Jokic is a pleasure to watch. « 

Only facts. #Nuggets

The least we can say is that the manager of GS is not shy. Indeed, the owner Joe Lacob had been caught up by the anti-tampering patrol, recently, as part of the Ben Simmons case. The fine was then steep! And Jokic not being a member of the franchise, we can expect the franchise to hit the cashier again.

However, it is true that the presence of the Joker at the Dubs would be the equivalent of a monumental big in the matrix. Imagine his qualities as a passer with Curry and Klay around him to draw? This gives you a cold sweat … The duo he would form with Draymond green Would also be worth a look, especially since the Dancing Bear could fill in his defensive gaps. But it remains a mere dream … for the moment.

Obviously, the Warriors still have money to give if they allow themselves to flirt with players … Especially since they obviously have luxury tastes!

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