PUMA ST gets new Ford Performance seats


Ford has been offering technologies such as ultra-sophisticated suspensions and adjustable sports seats for several years to allow its Performance models to be as comfortable as they are fun to drive.

Today, Ford has once again perfected comfort by introducing new in-house developed Ford Performance front seats for the Puma ST. Seats certified by the association Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV (AGR), leader in back health and specialist in the spine.

To obtain AGR certification, it is essential that the seats can be adjusted in 14 different ways to adapt perfectly to the morphology of users in a seated position – and not the other way around. The AGR label is awarded by an independent testing committee made up of experts from various medical fields, committed to helping customers choose back-friendly products.

Technology at the service of comfort

In addition to fore/aft adjustment and backrest inclination with integrated racing and rally-inspired headrest, Puma ST occupants can also adjust the extension and angle of the base cushion to suit their seating position. preferred driving.

Seat height adjustment is also present and can be particularly beneficial for tall riders, allowing them to sit comfortably in the lower, more upright position often preferred by enthusiasts. The four-way lumbar adjustment is electronically controlled from a switch located on the side of the seat.

Ford engineers experimented with different foams, liners and structural designs to find the best balance of comfort between long trips and daily driving.

Ten prototypes were tested on Ford test tracks. Durability tests were also carried out using Ford’s « Robutt » – Based on the measurements of an average man, the robot designed by Ford to recreate the human buttocks was used to simulate ten years of driving in just three days.

The new seats, also available for Focus ST2 and Fiesta ST3 models, feature Ford’s premium Sensico® upholstery, a vegetable-based material that replicates the look, feel, durability and ease of cleaning of leather.

According to Ford data, the sporty ST and ST-Line4 models, developed by Ford Performance, account for almost half (44%) of Puma, Focus and Fiesta sales in 2021. Ford data also indicates that demand for sporty versions is on the rise, with the total number of Fiesta ST and ST-Line models sold in Europe increasing from 25% in 2019 to 34% in 2021.

Enhanced with sophisticated sports technologies, including a limited-slip differential option, patented force-vectoring springs and different drive modes, the Puma ST is Ford’s first Ford Performance SUV in Europe and has been developed to combine sportiness, performance, comfort and flexibility of the SUV.

The new Ford Performance seats are part of a range of sophisticated technologies designed to improve the comfort of Ford Performance models when driving. For example, the MagneRide® 5 adaptive suspension available for the Ford Mustang 6 – and standard on the all-electric Mustang Mach-E GT 7 – electronically controls the magnetorheological fluid inside the damper to respond in real time. to the different reliefs of the road for greater comfort and greater responsiveness.

Ford plans to continue offering AGR-certified seats for passenger vehicle users as it takes bold steps towards an all-electric future in Europe. The company recently announced its intention to introduce a new generation of seven new 100% electric and fully connected passenger and commercial vehicles by 2024.

The automaker also offers AGR-certified 18-way seats for Focus, Galaxy and S MAX models.


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