PSG: victim of an eye infection, Ander Herrera still cannot return to competition


While many Parisian players – Mbappé, Donnarumma, Verratti, Paredes – have published messages on social networks to express their sadness after the fiasco of elimination in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid on Wednesday, Ander Herrera, he gave news of his health.

And they are not good. Victim of a spectacular infection of the right eye two weeks ago, which had already forced him to give up the trip to Nice, Herrera thought he could recover more quickly. “Doctors thought my viral conjunctivitis would last two or three days but we are now entering the third week,” he laments.

To keep in shape despite everything, the Spaniard had trained on his side. This Friday, he explains that he wanted to try to take part in collective training, at the Camp des Loges. “But I had serious vision problems, he says, and I had to stop”.

Herrera stresses that it « hurts him not to be with the team at such an important time ». He is already forfeited for the reception of Bordeaux, this Sunday, 1 p.m. “I work with specialists and I hope to come back soon,” he adds.

It should be noted that the Spaniard took advantage of his convalescence to take an active part in the solidarity campaign with Ukraine initiated by the city of Zaragoza, where he began his career. In a video where he appears with sunglasses to protect his eyes, he supports the Ukrainians in favor of whom he has made a personal donation while the PSG has also launched a joint action with the Secours populaire.


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