PSG: Neymar can no longer see his supporters

If his performance on the pitch does not meet expectations, Neymar is not helped by his supporters according to a Brazilian agent interviewed by SoFoot. The one who says he knows Neymar well, explains that the whistles towards the Brazilian, rather than stinging him, could compromise the chances of seeing him raise his head.

“If the climate remains so heavy and harsh around him, it will not be the right setting to find Neymar. He has unparalleled resilience, but he also perhaps has a form of weariness with regard to the fans, things that he managed to digest before exasperate him today a little more. When he says he will stop soon, it is clearly a brick that he sends to the fans, because it is more and more difficult to pretend, “warned an agent who knows the Parisian well. for SoFoot.

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