PSG: Marquinhos pays tribute to Ramos

His friend being finally spared from injuries, Marquinhos (28 years old, 7 games and 1 goal in L1 this season) has the opportunity to chain games alongside Sergio Ramos (36 years old, 7 games in L1 this season) this season in the three-man defense of Paris Saint-Germain. A blessing for the Brazilian, who considers learning a lot from his Spanish eldest.

« I am someone who will always seek to improve. Even more so when you have great champions next to you. I have seen great champions pass here, I have tried to take a little from each one. J I still have the opportunity to play with a great champion, appreciated the Parisian captain this Tuesday at a press conference. Last year, he could not play much but even in training, even on a daily basis you saw that he was a champion. He manages to chain the matches. Having him next to him is a pleasure. I really like his qualities: the desire, the rage he has on the field. I try to inspire me. »

Without Presnel Kimpembe, unavailable for about a month and a half (see the news item at 12:04 p.m.), the two men will have to hold the house over the next few weeks.

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