“PSG is incapable of creating play”…


Despite PSG’s 2-1 victory over OM at the end of the 32nd day of Ligue 1, the Parisian players were strongly criticized. In particular by the former member of the house Jérôme Rothen.

“For a spectacular match, you need two great teams. But those responsible are the Parisians. They have been used to living without atmosphere for a few matches, because the CUP is on strike and we can understand them. It shows how far the club has evolved. There is less passion. When there is no show on the field, it does not encourage people to applaud.

If there had not been these facts of the game (in reference to favorable arbitration decisions, editor’s note), PSG would not have won this match. When you have such a budget, with stars and a coach as well paid, we are entitled to expect a little more spectacle. It’s always the same thing. This team has been playing in rapid transition since the beginning of the year. PSG is unable to create play. It’s their fault, ”said Rothen on RMC.


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