PSG: Fabregas also comes out of the woods for Messi


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Pointed out after his missed penalty against Real Madrid (1-0) on Tuesday in the Champions League, Lionel Messi (34 years old, 21 games and 7 goals in all competitions this season) can count on the unwavering support of his former partners. Besides Sergio Aguero (see here), Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas (34, 5 appearances in all competitions this season) also came out of the woodwork to defend the Paris Saint-Germain striker.

« He missed a penalty. So what? Judging him on that seems ridiculous to me. Football is much more than that. Courtois is a fantastic goalkeeper and he has merit, the Spaniard told Mundo Deportivo. Without being stellar, he had a good game. He left Mbappé alone in the first half with an assist that none of the other 21 players on the pitch would be able to do. He got between the lines well, he gave a another pass to Neymar which could have been a goal. »

No touch at La Pulga for the 2010 world champion.

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