PSG. a « huge offer » for Zidane? – Kick Football

Behind the scenes, Zinedine Zidane would get closer to PSG, according to several sources.

Nothing is going well yet, at PSG? According to Mundo Deportivo in Spain, the management of PSG would be a little annoyed by Mauricio Pochettino, in particular because of comments made in L’Equipe this week.

Since then, PSG would put the package on Zinedine Zidane. Doha would have made, according to Mundo Deportivo, a huge offer « impossible to refuse ». Zizou has already turned down Newcastle and Manchester United in England or Al-Saad in Qatar in recent days.

Zizou learns English

Another possible clue. According to Emmanuel Petit, Zidane is currently learning English. “I’ve been told he’s learned English recently, so I think he knows it’s important for his career, but Zinedine at Manchester United? I don’t think so, to be honest. Sure he’s a big name, but he’s never played in the Premier League and has very little connection to it, so like I said I don’t believe it, ”said the former Arsenal player.

An essential language to navigate the meanders of PSG? Mauricio Pochettino often speaks English at press conferences. And in the locker room, we rarely speak French. Case to be continued … the Qatari journalist Mohammed Saeed Alkaabi announced to him an offer from PSG for  » very soon « .

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