PSG: A historic record has been broken!

Le Parisien reports today that Paris Saint-Germain have seen 97.6% of their current subscribers renew their subscription for next season, setting a new record for the club.

The renewal campaign was launched last month, amid discontent and protests from many supporter groups, particularly Virage Auteuil ultras, following the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid and the a disappointing season overall. 1,500 of this year’s season ticket holders have not decided to stay for next season, and their places will be offered to those on the 17,000-person waiting list. Most places have seen their price increase by 3 to 7%, except those at Virage Auteuil. The grandstand that hosts the club’s ultras will see campaign prices remain at €490, as since 2016. Another 7,000 seats per match will then be put up for sale individually.

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