Proximity, entertainment and sport will punctuate the programs of the local channel MaTélé in Saint-Quentinois this season

Overview of flagship programs and new sections.

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Back to school rhymes with news for the channels. MaTélé is no exception to the rule. This season, the first change concerns the daily broadcast.  »
St-Q Pratic’Live had too Saint-Quentin connotations, we wanted to extend the geographical area
“, announces Bertrand Samimi, director of this local television. Now make way for « See you soon, the mag », broadcast from Tuesday to Friday at 6 p.m.

MaTele1 (2)

The first part lasts 30 minutes with several local news topics. It includes a micro-sidewalk on a social theme, a section « Seen on the web and social networks » as well as a good plan section, a portrait and a meeting in the region
“, unfolds the one who is also editor-in-chief.


At 6:30 p.m., the second part of this daily begins with its specificities each day. On Tuesday, it’s « 100% Sport » to review all the news from the weekend of local clubs and to project themselves on the competitions to come.

Wednesday is a special day in the sense that the theme varies each week.  »
Au cœur des communes is a magazine in which we are interested in all those who give a village a soul. A journalist prepares this for a month
“, presents Bertrand Samimi.


Another Wednesday, health, disability and prevention are the focus. History also composes the program schedule with  » Inheritance « . A specialist in Saint-Quentin’s past, Frédéric Pillet returns to places classified as historical monuments. Finally, the magazine “Passionately” meets passionate people.

Sport and entertainment in the spotlight

The second part of Thursday is focused on an interview.  »
He’s the guest of the week. We receive a personality who makes the news of the weekend, the week or even the month
“says Bertrand Samimi.


It’s time to talk about Friday programs, necessarily focused on weekend entertainment. On that day, the first part of the daily broadcast includes the weekend sports meetings and the outings diary. In a dedicated section, an enthusiast gives an idea of ​​reading in « The book of the week ».


MaTélé continues to bet on sport with, once again, the retransmission of SQV home matches and very probably those of SQBB (pending the renewal of the contract with the league). The show will be both on the grounds and on stage. Indeed, the channel broadcasts Studio 5, every Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. The concept: viewers call live to order their songs which are played and sung live.

MaTele 2

On Thursday and Friday, at 2 p.m., one hour of airtime is also devoted to professional and amateur regional artists.

The channel is available on channel 34 of TNT.

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