Prosthesis for French athletes, a model to manufacture « more efficient devices for the general public »

Prosthesis, Manon Genest « I broke a good bunch of them anyway. ».. Like the two other athletes of the French delegation to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, the 2016 long jump and paratriathlon world champion Manon Genest will be involved in the development of a prosthesis at the Lyon agency of the Isère company Chabloz. Orthopedics bottom.

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And his orthopedist, Aymeric Bortot, remembers the long months of track testing. ManonGenest then reported a broken prototype, they weren’t strong enough for the long jump [elle participe à la finale paralympique dans sa catégorie, T37, dimanche 29 août].. “Changed the principle and the form of the sprint.”, specifies Aymeric Bortot.

“As soon as I had that new sprint that slipped off the outside of my shoe and ended up looking like a racing blade, it never broke it again.”

Aymeric Bortot, Orthopedist of Athlete Manon Genest

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This unique design is a technological advance that allows us to improve the prosthesis dedicated to the general public every time. “Athletes are asking us to create much more optimized devices that have to develop new technologies.Pierre Poty, owner of the Lyon distributor Chabloz Orthopedie, explains. And with the development of these new technologies, we can then manufacture more efficient devices for the general public. ”

Jean-Michel has two prostheses.  One is a classic prosthesis and the other is a sportier carbon prosthesis to use for hunting or fishing.  It's more practical, but less visible.  & Nbsp;  (Simon Cardna / Radio France)

Thus, a sporty sexual genarian, Jean-Michel, can take advantage of it. He waits patiently in the waiting room for the orthopedist to bring him a carbon prosthesis which he has been wearing in place of his lower right limb since the beginning of the year. During his rehabilitation, a prosthetist and physiotherapist determined that he could wear a sports prosthesis.

It is a kind of spring black and allows it “Go mushroom hunting, go hunting, go fly fishing.” Lighter, more comfortable and more dynamic than traditional prostheses, but less aesthetic.

“When I walk around with it, it sticks out of my pants. Everyone is looking at you. At first, I didn’t want to wear it too much. It was more comfortable. ”

Jean-Michel, owner of the prosthesis

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The Lyon agency Chabloz Orthopedie is now particularly focused on 3D printing. “Allows atypical devices with specific shapes that could not be done manually before”, Analysis by Pierre Potty.

With the competitive prosthesis of Jean-Paul, a new technological revolution is perhaps underway. Even if fly fishing is not part of the Paris 2024 Paralympic program.

The French athlete’s prosthesis, a model to achieve “a more efficient device for the general public” – report by Simon Cardona


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Prosthesis for French athletes, a model to manufacture « more efficient devices for the general public »

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