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When she began her studies, the candidates for apprenticeship did not jostle at the doors of the schools. However, Léna Vincent immediately saw the interest of learning design by alternating theoretical and practical periods.

« I opted for a BTS in Product Design, with a perfect first experience in business to enter the profession: the design of cuddly toys for children », she recalls. Seduced by this first cycle, she decided to extend her studies on the same model at the Nantes Atlantique School of Design. A year, then two others, until the master 2 which she is currently following. “I certainly wouldn’t have gone this far without the alternation. First of all, for financial reasons, but also for the richness of the experiences lived”, explains Léna.

The apprenticeship allowed him to know, after the comforter episode, a very different immersion in a sprawling group, Thales. « There, I learned a lot about business life, relationships and professional tools, » she says.

Today a designer at Atlantic, a company specializing in thermal comfort based in La Roche-sur-Yon, Léna believes that she now has all the cards in hand: « Several years of experience and soon the diploma from a recognized school , it gives you all the confidence you need”.

matter of rhythm

Pursuing one’s studies obviously means finding an employer at each training cycle, which is not always easy. “I often turned to the career service of my school. We must not be too closed in terms of the sector or even the workplace, ”concedes Léna Vincent.

An opinion shared by Antoine Salamé, a Franco-Lebanese student, who studied in Beirut before joining ECV Digital. “For me, the work-study program represented the opportunity to enter the professional world on one level and to have a training that forces you to fully express your abilities,” he explains. At first, his applications remained unanswered, but Antoine persevered, until he received an offer from the famous Fragonard perfumery, whose factory he had visited in Grasse as a child. « Today, my position as junior artistic director has made me discover a lot of things, from video to store labels and motion design », explains Antoine Salamé.
In creative professions, learning by doing has always been an educational principle, “but on a work-study basis, you work at the true pace of the world, surrounded by professionals. This is all its strength. Should we therefore advise apprenticeship to all students in the creative sector? Antoine tempers: “It’s also a question of personality. Some do not necessarily feel ready to confront life and professional constraints right away, they must be respected. He, at 12, was already selling his paintings independently in the Lebanese capital.

ZOOM | Top design with alternation

Design is a discipline aimed at creating objects or environments (websites, mobile applications) preferably aesthetic, but above all adapted to their use. A concrete material, which responds to real problems. It’s not surprising, therefore, that design schools favor work-study training, where the student applies what he has learned in class directly to the company.
At CY School of Design, launched last September within CY Cergy Paris University, work-study programs concern 4th and 5th year students. After three years dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge, « it is a question of preparing you, as a designer, to claim and assume positions of responsibility in these organizations by giving you the codes, the knowledge and the methods to do so. », announces the school. A clever mix of theory, practice and corporate know-how.
In design, work-study is possible at several levels of study:

After graduation
– The BTS (higher technician certificate), in two years, are often given on a work-study basis.
– Bachelors, in three years, are offered in fifteen design schools in France. Alternation is generally possible in the 3rd year.

In bac +2
The professional license Métiers du design lasts one year. Open after a bac +2, it is provided in a university and has four possible mentions (specialties): graphic design, object, space, digital.

After a baccalaureate +3
There are nearly a hundred art and design schools in France and offer courses up to bac +5. Like CY, the majority of them offer the last two years of apprenticeship, such as the École de Condé (located in eight cities in France), the Gobelins (Paris), the Nantes Atlantique School of Design, MJM Design, etc.

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