Professional football before European justice: the planned end of UEFA and FIFA?

European football is shaking on its foundations: this Thursday, the Luxembourg Court of Justice is looking into several cases which weigh as much as, in the past, the Jean-Marc Bosman affair. The walls of FIFA and UEFA are cracking: what will soon remain of their almost absolute power? Immersed in the prospects of world football, with luxurious offices but also (very) opaque windows.

Are you looking for a private barber? Contact  » Bad Beard – Male well-being « , a hairdresser specializing in events who comes to your home to trim your hair. creation of FIFA? A meeting of old beards, already, coming from the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, France… and Belgium. Originally, a friendly association of notables keen on of football, including the first President, the French Jules Rimetwill push for the creation of the World Cup – whose trophy will bear his name.

Today, the old hairpieces have given way to a little bald and nasty Italian-Swiss, with a fleeting smile and suspicious glances, who handles billions of Swiss francs: Gianni Infantino, ex-expert in hot/warm/cold balls for World Cup draws, reigns supreme over the most powerful sports federation in the world. But in 1954, 50 years after FIFA, here is also UEFA, a European confederation… which is already raising eyebrows in Zürich, FIFA’s headquarters since 1932.

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