Primary voters decide elections in Nevada, South Carolina, Maine, North Dakota: LIVE UPDATES

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Polls close in Maine and Texas’ 34th District, begin closing in North Dakota

Polls are closed for Maine’s Republican primary election and some have begun closing in North Dakota. Polls in the special election for Texas 34th Congressional District have also closed.

In Texas, a special election for Texas’ 34th Congressional District to finish the term for retired Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, took place on Tuesday. Leading up to the election, front runners in the race for a short term on Capitol Hill were former Cameron County commissioner Dan Sanchez, a Democrat, and healthcare worker Mayra Flores, a Republican who outspent Sanchez and gained steam in the race for the seat that has been vacant for more than two months.

In Maine, Bruce Poliquin, a Republican who previously represented the state’s Second Congressional District from 2015 to 2019, aims to regain the seat and defeat his primary challenger Liz Caruso. The winner will face off against incumbent Democrat Rep. Jared Golden in November.

In North Dakota, Sen. John Hoeven, RN.D., is up for re-election. The GOP and Democrats will pick their nominees in primary races, with Hoeven a heavy favorite to get the Republican nod.


Trump key factor in South Carolina primaries, as he seeks revenge on incumbent Republicans

Former President Donald Trump’s endorsement power faces yet another test in South Carolina, where he aims to unseat two House GOP incumbents who he sees as disloyal.

Five-term Rep. Tom Rice, RS.C., was one of just ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump on charges that he fueled the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol led by right-wing extremists and other Trump supporters aiming to disrupt congressional certification of now-President Biden’s Election College victory in the 2020 election.

Rice, a self-described « Chamber of Commerce » Republican, has leaned into his impeachment vote as he’s faced off from half a dozen primary challengers.

« Republicans are supposed to protect the Constitution. We take an oath to protect the Constitution, not a man, » Rice emphasized in an interview with Fox News Digital on the eve of the primary. « And so what I did was take a conservative vote. If you want a conservative, I’m the guy. »

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Nevada Sam Brown volunteer says why she backs candidate: ‘Truly duty first’

A supporter of Nevada Senate candidate Sam Brown explains why she backs the candidate. Brown is running against former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt for Nevada’s GOP Senate primary.

Polls close in South Carolina

Polls have closed for voters in South Carolina where former President Trump’s influence is on the ballot after he endorsed two primary challengers to incumbent Republicans seeking reelection.

Trump endorses Katie Arrington over incumbent Rep. Nancy Mace, RS.C., after the incumbent Republican voiced opposition to Trump’s remarks on January 6, 2021.

Trump also endorsed incumbent Rep. Tom Rice’s, RS.C., primary challenger Russell Fry. Rice voted to impeach Trump following the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol and is one of six Republicans seeking reelection who is facing a Trump-endorsed primary challenger.

GOP Rep. Tom Rice votes in primary as he faces Trump-backed challenge

Rep. Tom Rice voted earlier Tuesday in his primary race against several primary challengers, including Trump-backed state lawmaker Russel Fry. Rice was one of 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump during his second impeachment.

Fox News’ Matteo Cina and Austin Westfall contributed to this report.

Bernie-backed candidate looks to unseat moderate Dem in latest test for progressive wing of party

Progressive Democrat and activist Amy Vilela is making a bid in Nevada’s Tuesday Democratic primary to oust longtime moderate incumbent Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., from the congressional seat she’s held for nearly a decade in the latest electoral test for the progressive wing of the party.

In exclusive interviews with Fox News Digital, each of the candidates made the case as to why they were the right person to represent voters in Nevada’s 1st Congressional District, with Titus arguing she was the true « progressive » in the race and Vilela claiming voters were struggling with Titus’ « complacency » preventing real change.

« We are really struggling in Las Vegas, and it’s time to have some bold leadership that is ready to go and fight for change, » Vilela said when asked about the state of the race. « People are responding positively. They’re ready for leadership that isn’t complacency. »

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Trump not on the nerd, but playing key role in high profile Nevada, South Carolina primaries

Donald Trump turns 76 on Tuesday, and he hopes to celebrate by doing something he’s been unable to do so far this year — watch one of his endorsed candidates running in the Republican primaries knock off an incumbent who’s crossed the former president.

This year Trump’s birthday falls on the same day that four states — Nevada, South Carolina, Maine, and North Dakota — hold primaries, with Texas holding a congressional special election.

« Give me a birthday present, please. Two birthday presents, » Trump urged his supporters a week ago as he headlined a tele-rally for Katie Arrington and Russel Fry, the two Republican challengers he’s endorsed in the GOP primaries in South Carolina’s First and Seventh Congressional Districts.

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Rep. Tom Rice says his vote to impeach Trump was ‘the conservative vote’

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC – Republican Rep. Tom Rice says his vote to impeach then-President Donald Trump « was the conservative vote. »

« I told you I was going to protect the Constitution. I meant what I said, and I upheld my oath, even when it’s hard, » the five-term representative in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District said to polite applause from supporters gathered at Hog Heaven Barbeque on Pawleys Island on the eve of the state’s primary.

Rice was one of just 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump on charges that he fueled the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol perpetrated by right-wing extremists and other Trump supporters aiming to disrupt congressional certification of President Biden’s Election College victory in the 2020 election.

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Nevada Senate candidate Sam Brown says front-runner Laxalt has ‘taken voters for granted’

A candidate running for Senate in Nevada said Adam Laxalt, the leading Republican candidate going into Tuesday’s primary election, has « taken voters for granted. »

Sam Brown, a retired Army captain and Purple Heart recipient, trailed Laxalt in the polls by nearly 20 points leading up to election day, according to the Real Clear Politics average. However, Brown closed the gap considerably in the final weeks of the campaign.

« Adam Laxalt, who I’m running against in this primary, has taken the voters for granted and just expects people to vote for him based off of his prior service as an attorney general and the fact that he’s got big name endorsements, » Brown told Fox News.

Laxalt’s communications director, John Bruke, told Fox News: « While Sam Brown was unloading a u-haul after his most recent campaign loss in Texas, Adam Laxalt has built a grassroots movement that represents all 17 counties. No campaign on the entire ticket has been in front of more voters and engaged more Nevadans than ours. »

« We are ready to lead this party to victory in November, » Burke added.

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Amodei, Tarkanian clash over conservative principles in heated Nevada primary

Conservative principles have taken center stage in the heated clash between incumbent Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., and challenger Danny Tarkanian in the race to represent Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District in the next US Congress.

In exclusive interviews with Fox News Digital, each of the candidates argued they were the true conservative in the race, with Amodei touting his record voting in tandem with former President Donald Trump’s policies, and Tarkanian declaring he was the conservative that voters across the district » deserve and demand. »

« Hey Amodei, you RINO. Seriously? » began one of Amodei’s ads he alluded to when asked about the criticism he’d received from Tarkanian over his congressional voting record. The 30-second ad went on to show him pushing back on the « Republican in Name Only » characterization by touting his positive ratings with the NRA and pro-life organizations, as well as « a Trump rating of 95%. »

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