Previews For Payday 3: More Of The Same But Better


Always planned to be released at the start of the school year, on September 21, Payday 3 offered itself a few previews. In particular with our colleagues from Eurogamer, PC Gamer and VGC. If you are allergic to the texts of great journalists from the other side of the Atlantic, you can also find videos of gameplay commented on by our favorite influencers (1,2,3). Phew. Well, not surprisingly, it’s more of the same. We already suspected it with the various videos published. A more important place is given to infiltration, you can even negotiate with the cops before they intervene to save time. The various media indicate that the developers preferred quality over quantity for the cards. Bigger, deeper and with more possibilities. We trust Starbreeze to release 47 DLCs in the coming years to enrich the title. It remains to be seen what this will give in practice because our friends only had the opportunity to play for 2 hours. It is therefore difficult to judge the replayability which, hopefully, is not limited to the new progression system to unlock weapons and equipment. For the rest: the AI ​​seems a little less stupid, the guards can enter a « search » mode if they detect something weird. While waiting to rob the Castafiore jewels ourselves, here are the various conclusions of the articles above:

Payday 3 appears to have all the ingredients necessary to achieve its lofty goal of emulating classic Hollywood heist movies, but the question remains whether its new stealth system will be fully embraced by a player base that has grown accustomed to it. action shoot first, ask questions later from previous games – VGC

You can approach each heist in different ways. You can choose to be stealthy and not get caught for the duration of the mission, or to be louder and fire from the start. Starbreeze promises many different ways to access locked doors and hide with new tools added to Payday 3. – IGN

On the surface, Payday 3 isn’t a sequel that drastically changes the series’ established formula. On the contrary, it improves on what was already good in Payday 2, and makes the heist action of the series much more believable. – Eurogamer


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