[Preview] Week 6 (Thursday): Tampa Bay must stay serious

The Buccaneers travel to Philadelphia as a big favorite, but watch out for the game trap.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-1)

In 2020, during the Thursday Night Football of week 5, the Buccaneers had moved to Chicago to play against a team that looks like the one they will face this Thursday. A defensive formation capable of surprising its opponent in a match. Ask the Panthers, overturned last week. Result, the teammates of Tom brady were surprised (20 to 19) to Soldier Field. They are now warned: in Philadelphia they will be the best team, but they must stay serious.

Tom Brady on the bases of 6,000 yards

As since the start of the season, Tampa bay will rely on its great strength: the passing game. It’s simple, they have the best air squad in the league (349.4 yards / meet). Danger can come from anywhere. Of Mike evans (29 receptions, 393 yards and 4 TDs) To Chris Godwin (29 receptions, 366 yards and 2 TDs) Passing by Antonio brown (20 receptions, 325 yards and 3 TDs) back to its best. At the helm of this attack that cuts the defenses, a quarterback who still does not slow down. At 44, Tom brady (1,767 yards, 15 TDs and 2 INTs) is currently on season lows at 6,000 yards. Not sure that it exceeds this symbolic mark, but it is the proof that it does not weaken.

Only, not sure that the Buccaneers arrive at their objectives with a one-dimensional attack. They have to develop their ground game. None of the runners have finished a game over 100 yards since the start of the season. Leonard Fournette (56 races, 251 yards and 1 TD) and Ronald jones (26 races, 98 yards and 1 TD) are currently backup options in this squad and must once again emerge as real threats. Bruce arians figured it out and tried to run more. Since two weeks, Tampa bay gain more yards on the ground (120 yards against Patriots and 121 against Dolphins), but remains one of the worst teams in this field (82 yards / game, 26th in the league). That’s good, Philadelphia is the perfect team to restart their ground game.

Hang the defending champion

Indeed, the Eagles have a lot of trouble in this area. Overall the defense is strong (336.8 yards allowed per game, 9th in NFL), but THE big black point lies in the defense against the opposing riders. The fault in particular with linebackers who form certainly the weakest group within this squad. Since the start of the season, the Eagles allow 142 yards per game (30th in the league). Tampa bay could try to take advantage of it. On the other side of the ball, we will continue to observe Jalen hurts.

After his coup in the face of Carolina last week, the quarterback wants to do it again. There are still many axes of progression for those who have won « only » 198 yards in 37 passes attempted last week. But the old oneAlabama possesses something invaluable: the competitive spirit. The Eagles went for the win with character last Sunday and would be delighted to have the defending champion on their hunting roster. They will have to make a perfect match.

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