Pressure from a star: « If he wants a title, he has to go to the Lakers »

Bradley Beal of the Wizards and Damian Lillard of the Blazers

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The Lakers will certainly be very active this offseason, and will not hesitate to mount large trades. However, a superstar on their radars last year would have the opportunity to sign this time with them… It is in everything that a famous US rapper advised him, recently.

Long cited in transfer rumors last summer, Damian Lillard should once again have the right to all this media noise in 2022. Indeed, his lackluster season (24 points at 40% average, only 29 games played because of an abdominal injury) did nothing to calm discussions about his future, especially since the Blazers have been very poor this campaign (27 wins for 51 losses, 13th in the West) .

Along with Bradley Beal, he should therefore be one of the most prominent superstars on the transfer market in the months to come. However, given his status, the number 0 of Rip City will once again have the right to a host of suitors, despite his physical fragility this year. So what would be the ideal destination for him, despite the fact that he remains excessively loyal to Portland? For rapper Ice Cube, passing through ESPNThe question does not even place itself :

Ice Cube advises Damian Lillard to go to the Lakers

If you want to win a title, you should join the Lakers. If you just want to score a lot of points and be the big boss of a franchise, stay in Portland. But come and win a title in Los Angeles. You deserve it. You’ve given a lot to this town. So give some of that love to the LA Lakers

Originally from around the City of Angels, the rapper is obviously not very objective in his proposal. that being said, this is not the first time that the guard has been associated with the Pourpres et Ors, far from it. Many even saw him being exchanged at home last summer! In the end, he stayed in Oregon while the 2020 champion brought in Russell Westbrook. Suffice to say that it was not very winning for anyone…

Indeed, the Brodie could well set sail again during the upcoming offseason, given that he only has one year left on his contract and that he disappointed on the spot. In the opinion of observers, Los Angeles will more generally operate a workforce overhaul, but the idea of ​​​​keeping a Big Three should remain. Dame could then replace RW in the lead, bringing a quality of shot much higher than that of his rival. All this on the condition that he accepts, of course… which is not guaranteed.

Ice Cube is pushing hard for Damian Lillard to go to the Lakers this summer, believing the franchise can win a title with him. it remains to be seen whether he will agree to be traded there … or if he will persist in loyalty to the Blazers.

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