Press review: Europe welcomes the demonstration of Pep Guardiola against PSG

European observers of Manchester City’s demonstration against PSG on Wednesday evening at the Etihad stadium, in the Champions League (2-1), all saw the same match and the victory of a team, a coach, Pep Guardiola, on an addition of individualities to the game not really defined.

« It was Pep Guardiola who had the best-tested strategy, it was he who had the best players »

In England, the Guardian soberly title – « Jesus concludes Manchester City’s response to sink PSG » – before looking into the case of technicians in charge, without taking gloves: « At the heart of the whirlwind of speculation (rumors announced it at Manchester United on Wednesday), Mauricio Pochettino thought he could take a break on the pitch in Manchester. The PSG manager saw his team vulnerable in defense and erratic everywhere. It was difficult to understand his game plan. […] It would have been ridiculous for City to lose this Champions League match or even draw as they were better by far. It was Pep Guardiola who had the best strategy, it was he who had the best players – Riyad Mahrez and Bernardo Silva. « 

In Italy too, Tutto Sport analyze this result and justify its title « Super City, PSG is KO » through the two coaches: “The star wars between City and PSG are won by Guardiola, who overthrows Pochettino. « 

« Overwhelmed, the Parisians just waited »

For their part, the Spaniards of Marca underline the decisive role of Gabriel Jesus, whose « The entrance was the key to the rise of the Citizens […] Without the Brazilian striker, City multiplied the chances without hitting the target. The 9th revolutionized the entire front of the attack and woke up some Citizens affected by Mbappé’s goal. « Marca then summarizes the physiognomy of the match: “Competing with City in possession of the ball is impossible and PSG have not even tried. Overwhelmed, the Parisians just waited. «  And only Mbappé found the opening. « Kylian likes big stages, writes the Madrid daily. He scored in Liverpool, Dortmund, Turin, Munich, Barcelona … and in Manchester, where he had already surprised the world with Monaco, he was still only a child. « 

In Germany, it is again Guardiola’s victory that is highlighted by Bild : « Pep beats Messi and Paris » who thinks more about the future of his opponent of the day, announced on the bench of Manchester United, than his playing philosophy: “The difficult choice of Pochettino: Messi or Ronaldo? « 

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