Press review after Bruges-PSG in the Champions League: « The magic trio was not enough »

For the first time since the three players are united under the same shirt, Mauricio Pochettino aligned Wednesday night Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé from the start of the Champions League meeting against Club Bruges (1-1). And the least we can read is that the beginnings of the MNM did not convince our Spanish neighbors, particularly attentive to the reunion between the Argentinian and the Brazilian, so complementary when they played together at FC Barcelona . « Messi was not enough to win », can we read in particular in the Catalan daily Mundo Deportivo.

« The Parisians could not defeat an enthusiastic rival, a priori the most affordable of the group », can we read on the website of MD, where the match of the three players is decrypted: “The Frenchman gave the decisive pass to Ander Herrera before having to give up his place after the break, injured in the left ankle. The Argentinian sent a spectacular shot to the bar. As for the Brazilian, the dullest of the three, we only saw him in the second half. « 

Same observation in One of Sport : “The PSG trident did not start off on the right foot. «  » The MNM did not score and Mbappé came out injured « , sums up the other Catalan daily. “Pochettino did not want half measures for the start of this European campaign. The Parisians put all the meat on the grill with their dream trio ”, is it written on the site. Then : “The offensive connection of the terrors aligned by PSG did not quite work, being quickly deactivated by the line of five defenders set up by Philippe Clément. «  And PSG was therefore held in check …

 » A lot of noise for nothing « 

Also in Spain, where the departure of Lionel Messi is struggling to be digested, Ace writes that « Bruges teaches PSG the difficulty of the Champions League ». « This match exposed as much as possible the shortcomings of a team which did not defend with the trio formed by Messi, Neymar and Mbappé », estimates Andrés Onrubia on the site of the daily Madrid. “PSG have come back to the harsh reality in the Champions League. […] Despite the superiority over Bruges, the Parisians understood very early on that they would suffer a lot this season if the three attackers did not help to defend ”, considers our colleague. Who concludes: “A serious warning for PSG, who will face Manchester City on the second day of a more than crucial match. « 

 » A lot of noise for nothing « , title on his side Marca on its website, which does not refer to the beginnings of the MNM in the front page of its paper edition of the day. « The largest constellation of stars on the planet football has crossed the turf of Jan Breydelstadion without shining », is it written in the report of the match. “The Frenchman’s injury“ shattered ”an uncomfortable trio in the Belgian champion’s stadium. «  In summary, “Pochettino has his work cut out for making his formula work. You have to put all the pieces together. The stars don’t shine just by lining them up. « 

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