Presidential election in France | The Animalist Party targets more than 2% of the vote


(Paris) The animalist party of France thinks it can improve in the presidential election the score of 2.2% of the votes it recorded in the 2019 European elections – creating a surprise -, its candidate Hélène told AFP on Thursday. Thouy.

“The quantified objectives are complicated because there are always uncertainties. But we want to do more, because our electoral potential is greater ”than that recorded in 2019, explained this Girondine lawyer.

Almost as much as the Communists in 2019

The animalist party won 2.17% of the vote in the European elections, practically on a par with the communists and the UDI centrists. However, her score could have been higher, believes the candidate, pointing to the lack of resources which then prevented her party from truly campaigning, and while many polling stations did not have their ballots.

The animal cause owes its increasing visibility over the past five years to the militant actions of associations, such as L214 and its shocking videos of mistreatment in slaughterhouses. « The subject is starting to emerge, but there is a form of opportunism », according to Mme Thouy: “Even when announcements are made, we find ourselves backing down a year later. This is what makes our presence necessary.  »

Hélène Thouy is due to demonstrate in front of the Senate on Thursday, which begins examining a bill to strengthen the fight against animal abuse.

The text carried by the presidential majority, adopted almost unanimously in January at first reading by the National Assembly, should help to avoid impulsive purchases of pets, which lead to too many abandons. He also intends to tighten penalties in the event of mistreatment.


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