presentation of the rings to SF

Like every week on TrashTalk, find the complete program for the next seven days, to arrive at work with the face of a zombie and the breath of a grandmother who has just eaten a can of not fresh herring. While waiting for some potential updates, here is the signed menu bein Sports.

It’s game time! Our patience is rewarded, the great circus of the NBA resumes service no later than this Tuesday evening. And since Adam Silver doesn’t like to do things by halves, we’ll start with a succulent double header just to get into the swing of things as quickly as possible. To warm up? A small Celtics – Sixers already explosive. The summer has not been easy in Boston as Philly intends to succeed the Greens as representative of the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals in 2023. And then, heading West for the traditional presentation of the rings. The Warriors are preparing to unveil their fourth championship banner since 2015, all under the eyes of a not yet satisfied LeBron James. It should give him ideas and above all additional motivation not to be overtaken by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson or Draymond Green in the number of career championship titles by the end of the season. Then we’ll move around with bein Sports during this first week, from Brooklyn to Toronto via Miami and even Los Angeles for the first angelino derby of the season on the night of Thursday to Friday. Enjoy your lunch !

On the night of Tuesday, October 18

  • Boston Celtics – Philadelphia Sixers at 1:30 (beIN 2)
  • Golden State Warriors – Los Angeles Lakers at 4 a.m. (beIN 1)

On the night of Wednesday, October 19

  • Brooklyn Nets – New Orleans Pelicans at 1:30 (beIN 1)
  • Toronto Raptors – Cleveland Cavaliers at 1:30 (beIN 4)
  • Sacramento Kings – Portland Trail Blazers at 4am (beIN 5)

On the night of Thursday, October 20

  • Los Angeles Lakers – Los Angeles Clippers at 4 a.m. (beIN 1)

On the night of Friday, October 21

  • Charlotte Hornets – New Orleans Pelicans at 1h (beIN 5)
  • Golden State Warriors – Denver Nuggets at 4 a.m. (beIN 1)
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Phoenix Suns at 4am (beIN 4)

On the night of Saturday October 22

  • Philadelphia Sixers – San Antonio Spurs at midnight (beIN 1)
  • Miami Heat – Toronto Raptors at 2am (beIN 4)

On the night of Sunday October 23

  • Los Angeles Lakers – Portland Trail Blazers at 9:30 p.m. (beIN 3)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – Minnesota Timberwolves at 2am (beIN 4)

We kindly print the program bein Sports, we display it in the entrance or at the office, and so we don’t miss a drop of what will be offered during the next 7 days on the channel! Meanwhile, we’re going to buy some coffee…

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