Presentation of the 2023 World Championships (I) | National Teams – Ice Hockey


Two days before the start of the world championship in Tampere and Riga, we present to you all the challenges of the competition, which promises to be crucial in particular for the next Olympic qualification.

As such, the first part of our presentation answers these questions in particular:

– how were the crises in the Czech and Canadian federations resolved?

– will Switzerland, which dreams more than ever of being world champion, benefit from a window of opportunity which often turns against it?

– which country suffers the most from the boycott of KHL players and which country is the only one to have discreetly introduced one?

– who is the main opponent of the French team for the years to come, the one with whom it will undoubtedly be necessary to compete for a place at the Olympic Games, and in what way has he already taken the lead in training and the integration of young people?

– why did Kazakhstan suddenly put an end to its policy of distributing double passports?

There presentation of the world championshipspart one, with up-to-date detailed rosters including full stats for every player this season.

The second part will be published on Friday morning.


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