Premier League to hit hard against unvaccinated players

The Premier League is very responsive. In recent days, a wave of panic has engulfed English football over the proliferation of positive covid-19 cases. Many clubs (at least 5) have been affected and some more than others. Manchester United, for example, had to shut down their training center and couldn’t face Brentford.

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An upsurge in cases taken very seriously, to such an extent that a disaster scenario, namely the cessation of the championship, was considered far from being utopian. Today, the British formations are therefore doing everything to slow down the spread of the virus within their workforce.

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the Times indicates that a first measure would be to set up checkpoints around training centers and stadiums. The goal ? That the players and staffs stay in their car, take a test and are not allowed to enter the premises until the test is negative. Ditto for the supporters on match days. But that’s not all.

Particular attention will be paid to the players. So, in addition to these in-car tests, they will also be tested twice a week. Finally, the case of Joshua Kimmich, who said he was against the vaccine before changing his mind after being infected, gave the clubs ideas. So the Daily Mail says unvaccinated players who are forced to miss training and matches could see their wages cut. Faced with the difficulty of convincing some of the usefulness of vaccines, the Premier League therefore wants to hit where it often hurts: the wallet.

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