Premier League: The crazy numbers of Erling Haaland, who multiplies the prowess with City

It never stops. Three days after his anthology goal in the Champions League against Dortmund – a recovery from the outside of the acrobatic left and at high altitude – Erling Haaland has resumed his good habits: scoring at least one goal on each of his outings. This Saturday afternoon, launched in depth by Bernardo Silva, the Norwegian managed to break with a shot from 20m during the success (0-3) of Manchester City in Wolverhampton. Author of 14 goals in just 9 games including 11 in 7 Premier League days, the Mancunian sets the bar very high. He is one of the very few foreign players to integrate so quickly into the English championship. Arrived this summer from Borussia Dortmund, the 22-year-old goleador never stops panicking the counters. Here are the crazy crack numbers:

11 goals in 7 days

Erling Haaland didn’t need a few encounters to adapt to the rough PL. The center forward has demonstrated his effectiveness with 11 goals scored in 7 days. He scored in every game except when receiving Bournemouth (4-0) where he was replaced by the Uruguayan Alvarez in the last quarter of an hour. It is the Egyptian of Liverpool Mohamed Salah who holds the record for the number of goals scored in a PL season with 32 goals during the 2017-2018 season. At this stage of the competition, the former Roma player had scored only 4 times.

Two triplets in a row

In the middle of August, Erling Haaland made two hat-tricks in a row in the space of 4 days. On August 27, the Norwegian first scored 3 goals during his team’s success at the Etihad Stadium against Crystal Palace (4-2) on behalf of the 4th day then he did it again in the next match against Nottingham Forest (6-0). A first for a foreign player.

He marks everywhere

Erling Haaland is already the first player in Premier League history to score in his first four away games in the competition. He was, in fact, a scorer at West Ham (0-2), Newcastle (3-3), Aston Villa (1-1) and Wolverhampton (0-3). When he scores, his team never loses! His goalscoring average is… 1.6 per game. By far the best in PL history. Prodigious!

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