Premier League stars are not ready to promote Covid-19 vaccine after Gareth Southgate episode

Premier League stars are not ready to join the pro-vaccination campaign to inspire players to take the COVID-19 jab. Footballers’ refusal to participate in advertising campaigns has grown further after England boss Gareth Southgate revealed last month the abuse he had received for his pro-vaccination stance. In July, Southgate, on behalf of the NHS, released a video asking the younger generation to get vaccinated. However, several people on social media were not happy with his decision and used a series of colorful words in their criticism of the Three Lions boss.

Speaking to the media while announcing the England squad for the World Cup qualifiers, Southgate had revealed the abuse he received for promoting the vaccination. He even said he faced more abuse for his pro-vaccination stance than his penalty kick picks in the Euro 2020 final, which led to their loss to Italy. He even added that online abuse could be a reason why players are unwilling to participate in advertising campaigns.

Now in a new development, according to Daily mail, the vaccination rate among gamers in recent weeks has stalled. Following this, several EPL clubs held a conference to post a video featuring some big stars to promote the importance of getting the jab. However, they were unsuccessful in their effort as few players were willing to volunteer for the cause.

The report says that while the Premier League has yet to disclose the number of players vaccinated, the figure remains around 70% among staff and footballers.

A briefing from Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has also been arranged for club leaders and captains to debunk the vaccine myth, but they are unable to find players to run their advertising campaign.

To promote vaccination, English football bosses have also sent information to players in the form of questions and answers. They also work with lower division clubs to set up vaccination centers in stadiums and training grounds.

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